2423 (Rhondda) Squadron Royal Air Force Cadets



The two rifles currently in use within the Air Training Corps are the No8 .22 Lee Enfield Rifle and the L-98. Cadets learn to fire the No8 as part of their first class training syllabus. Cadets are required to undergo a course of training and then must demonstrate through a written test and practical demonstration before being authorised to fire the weapon.

Shooting is carried out in a controlled area known as a range. These ranges come in many sizes and be placed indoors and outdoors. At 2423 we have the use of the range within the TA Centre.

As with any activity carried out within the air cadet movement, safety is an important consideration. Full training is give to all cadets before they are allowed to fire any weapon and qualified staff will ensure that the cadet has mental maturity to handle such a weapon. Shooting is supervised by trained and responsible adult personnel at all times, who are fully equipped to deal with any eventually and ensure that the range is operated safely and efficiently.

Cadets over the age of 14 years have the opportunity to undergo the training to fire the L-98. This is usually done at annual camp for most cadets. The L-98 differs from the No8 in that it is a higher calibre weapon which is loaded from a magazine instead of loose rounds by hand.

No matter which weapon a cadet fires, should they attain the required score from the target, they are able to wear a shooting badge on their brassard.

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