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Welcome to our shop / fundraising page.

Please help us raise funds for our Squadron by visiting any of the sites below. We will the  receive a percentage of the purchase value. You pay the same as you would shopping online normaly but we get a percentatge of what you pay the retailer.

How is this possible you ask, retailers realise how exepnsive a store purchase can be, with site rental and staff wages etc, when compared to purchasig oline which requires minimal overheads. With this in mind they are willing to donate some of their profit to worthwhile orgnisations in return for shopping with them online.

DISCLAIMER: These shops etc offer free fundraising for our Squadron, we are not allilliated with any and will not provide ay compensation. Any offers they may publish are not endorsed by the Squadron and should each be treated with individual merit.

Shop 1 - easyfundraising.org.uk

Requires a one time registration with over 200 various stores.                                        CLICK HERE

Search Engine

Replace your search engine with ours and help raise money at the same time for 2423 Squadron. It doesn't cost you a penny. (10 searches a day raises £20 for us after 1 year)

Powered by Yahoo, Bing and Ask.com                                        CLICK HERE

Shop 2 - BUY AT

Please help us raise funds for our Squadron by visiting, this shop. With over 100 High Street stores if you purchase through the buy.at website a percentage of your basket will be given to us at no extra charge to yourself.                    CLICK HERE

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