2423 (Rhondda) Squadron Royal Air Force Cadets


Officer Commanding - Flt Lt I. Mclean RAF VR (T)

Previously a cadet with xxxx  (Llandaff) Squadron

Following his career as a cadet in the Air Training Corps, he found himself back as a Civilian Instructor at 1004 (Pontypridd} Squadron. He did not remain in the civilian role for long and made the jump to uniformed staff be appointed to the rank of FLight Leiutenant. and appointed as Officer Commanding 254 Merrhyr Tydfil Squadron.

Flight Sgt K. Foxhall ATC

Beginning his Cadet career with 557 (Pontypridd Grammar School) Squadron attaining the rank of Cadet Warrant Officer and playing as lead side drummer in the No.1 Welsh Wing Band.

Following a world travelled career as a proffesional musician, he rejoind the Corps as a Civilian Instructor with 1004 (pontypridd) Squadron, then going into uniform as Sergeant, rising to Flight Sgt, whiilst SNCO at Mountain Ash, Merthyr Tydfil and Treorchy Squadrons.

As well as Squadron SNCO he has been activrly involved in the teaching of drums at each of the sqaudrons and has attained the post of Lead Instructor Basic Flight/ Navigation Module at the national cadet Qualified Aerospace Instructors Course at MOD Boscombe Down for the last 5 years.

Squadron 2IC / Drum Instructor/ Drill & Discipline / Uniform Dress Regulator

Sgt  B. Evans ATC

She joined the ATC as a cadet at 2423 (Treorchy) squadron in 2001. She gained the rank of Flight Sergeant before joining the RAF.

Now rejoining the squadron as Civilian Instructor and now back in uniform her new role as Sgt. ATC consists of Squadron Adjatunt and Uniform (Female) Dress Regulator.



Civillian Instructor K. Smith

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Civillian Instructor Elaine Jones

First joined the squadron in After a short illness Elaine rejoined the squadron in March 2011.

Padre Terry Cox

Mr Terry Cox joined the squadron March 2011. On squadron he is the squadron Padre and Adventure Training officer WGL qualified. He was officially the squadron padre on the 17th November 2011 after he was inducted by the Region Padre Squadron Leader Eric Knowles. He now also hoilds the post as No.1 Welsh Wing Padre.

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